Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless poisonous gas that is emitted from burning fuels. Engine exhaust from boats or cars, fuel burning appliances like gas furnaces, propane and other gas heaters, ovens and stoves, gas-powered generators, gas lanterns, gas and charcoal grills, and wood and gas fireplaces are all common sources for carbon monoxide. 

Make sure any operating fuel burning equipment                                                                                  has proper ventilation SmokeCOdetctrin order to avoid potential poisoning and toxic gas buildup. It is recommended to avoid sleeping and spending time in places where carbon monoxide levels may rise such as in unventilated or poorly ventilated areas that contain or are near gas burning equipment. It is also recommended to place carbon monoxide detectors in buildings, homes, bedrooms, and work spaces where gas burning equipment is operating or carbon monoxide has potential to buildup. Be be sure to follow any Wisconsin Building or Dwelling Code requirements dealing with carbon monoxide safety.

Every year in the United States there are nearly 400 deaths and over 20,000 other cases of carbon monoxide poisonings that result in obtaining medical services. 


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