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Sawyer County Environmental Health

In 2018 the Sawyer County Department of Heath and Human Services expanded its Public Health Division to include an Environmental Health Team. The Environmental Health Team is devoted to the use of environmental health principles to promote and protect the health of all people who live in and visit Sawyer County. Current services include monitoring and inspection for health and safety of drinking water, retail food, recreational establishments, and the home environment. 

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What is Environmental Health?

Environmental Health is a branch of Public Health that focuses on identifying, controlling, and preventing environmental health hazards in a community. The Sawyer County Code of Ordinance for the Health and Human Services Department is in place and is enforced to help reduce public health hazards and promote public safety, health, and welfare for citizens of Sawyer County and their neighbors.

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Typical Environmental Health services and information provided by Public Health Departments included: 

  • Hotel/ Motel Inspections
  • Bed and Breakfast, and Tourist Rooming House Inspections
  • Retail Food Establishment Inspections
  • Restaurant Inspections
  • Campgrounds and Educational Camp Inspections
  • Mobile Home Park Inspections
  • Tattoo and Piercing Facility Inspections
  • Swimming Pool and Water Attraction Facility Inspections
  • Vending Machine/ Commissaries Inspections
  • Safe Drinking Water Testing and Laboratory Services
  • Human Health Hazards- Nuisance Abatement
  • Disease Prevention and Investigation
  • Animal Bites, Bed Bugs, Wood Ticks, and Mosquitoes- Diseases Education and Resources
  • Beach Water Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide, Radon, and Air Quality- Education and Resources
  • Mold in Your Home- Education and Resources
  • Lead Poisoning- Education and Resources

Why the Environmental Health Team?

Previous to the Sawyer County Environmental Health Team, environmental health services in the public health field were largely facilitated by the state. With trends of modern communities showing increasing diversity, rapid changes, and unique demands, there has been a push for local governments to work in a partnership as "Agents of the State". This partnership allows local governments to have more influence, build relationships, and more effectively meet the unique needs of their communities. As "Agents of the State", local governments can more appropriately oversee and respond more quickly to concerns and demands in their communities. 

More Information: "Agent of the State"

  1. Brian Becker

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