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Behavioral Health Clinic

Clinic Director: Alicia Carlson, MS, LPC, CSAC, NCC, CCTP, IDP-AT, ICS  (715) 638-3303

The Sawyer County Information and Referral (I & R) Center realizes mental health disorders, substance use disorders and their related problems touch many lives in our area. The I & R Center staff are firmly committed to the belief every person with an addiction or mental illness has the capacity for recovery. We continue striving to reduce barriers to treatment by overcoming the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction. 

We strive to provide treatment options that enhance people’s lives and allow them to be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy. With years of experience, our clinical and specialized services tailored to the unique needs of adults, youth and individuals involved in the criminal justice system provide opportunities to receive a full continuum of behavioral health services. Such services include individual and group and/or family counseling. From individuals overwhelmed with life circumstances to those suffering from serious mental health and substance use disorders, our professionally trained clinicians help patients cope through any stage of life with outpatient therapy based upon a trauma informed care approach.

Over time, the I & R Center developed a full continuum of care ranging from prevention/early intervention, outpatient, intensive outpatient and community case management services, not limited to, but inclusive of court services, aftercare services, consultation, and residential referrals.

Services Offered:

  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Substance Use Disorder Counseling
  • Operating While Impaired (OWI) Assessments
  • Emergency Crisis Services
  • Community Support Program
  • Comprehensive Community Services
  • Coordinated Services Teams
  • Children's Long Term Support Program

OWI Assessment

IDP Coordinator: Joe Bodo, MEd, LPC, CSAC, ICS, IDP-AT  (715) 638-3304
To schedule an appointment or find out more information regarding the assessment process, please call (715) 638-3317

You can receive an OWI assessment at the Sawyer County I & R Center by appointment only. Once convicted of an OWI, you MUST schedule your assessment in-person at the I & R Center.  You MUST be a Sawyer County resident in order to have your assessment completed at the I & R Center.  The total assessment cost is $250. Payments must be cash, money order, or credit/debit card.  Checks are NOT accepted. You may make several payments, but the actual assessment will not be scheduled until all paper work has been turned in and payment has been made in full.  There is a $50.00 no show/late cancellation fee. If you are late, you will have to reschedule and pay a $25.00 rescheduling fee.

Following your assessment, your assessor may refer you for outpatient counseling services, to Groups Dynamics Traffic Safety School, or the Multiple Offender Program. You may be required to attend a Victim Impact Panel held in Rusk County with a $50.00 fee. For more information on the OWI assessment process, please call (715) 638-3317.

For additional questions, please call or visit the following links:


Mental Health Crisis Services Certified Under Wisconsin DHS 34

Joe Bodo: MH/AODA Coordinator (715) 638-3304

Sawyer County Emergency Mental Health Crisis Program is available to individuals, family members, friends and/ or any person in Sawyer County. This program assists persons during crisis situations. Sawyer County I & R Center, in conjunction with Law Enforcement, provides an immediate response to assist a person who is experiencing a mental health/substance abuse crisis. A crisis is a situation often associated with an individual’s apparent mental health or substance use disorder. The crisis result includes a high level of stress or anxiety for the individual, person(s) providing professional care for the individual, the public when the individual’s available coping methods are insufficient, or those providing ordinary care or support for the individual.

Trained crisis staff provide crisis assessment primarily addressing suicidal behaviors and deliver safety responses including safety planning and connection to community supports and resources.  Involuntary mental health treatment, when deemed necessary, is also part of the crisis response to ensure safety and client rights. Law Enforcement, Sawyer County, and Northland Counseling Services (mobile crisis contract provider) work collaboratively to determine the best response for each individual, including potential involuntary hospitalization under Wisconsin Chapter 51 Emergency Detention.

Both Sawyer County and Northland Counseling Services staff provide linkage and follow-up in response to individuals in crisis involved in a crisis response. Both staffs embrace safety and resource connection as paramount during any crisis. Sawyer County staff provide court related/case management services on both involuntary and voluntary treatment ordered under Chapter 51.

For emergency crisis services, please first call local law enforcement call the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Department at
(715) 634-5213 or dial 911.  

For additional information on emergency mental health/substance use services, please visit the following links or contact numbers listed below:

Community Support Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) provides services for individuals with serious and persistent mental health disorders. The program goals are to assist individuals with stabilization within the community while improving the quality of their life. Services include:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Case management services
  • Medication management
  • Assistance with daily living skills
  • Rehabilitative and social/recreational services
  • Crisis services
  • Community reintegration services

Sawyer County contracts with Northland Counseling Services to provide CSP services. CSP participation requires Sawyer County referral and approval. Please contact Joe Bodo for any questions regarding this program at (715) 638-3304.

Comprehensive Community Services

Sawyer County is part of the North Central Region Comprehensive Community Services Program, (NCR-CCS) which is comprised of four counties: Price, Iron, Sawyer and Taylor. Taylor County is the lead county. CCS is a voluntary, Medicaid funded, community based mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation program for children and adults. CCS is a program designed for people who need more than outpatient counseling services and less than Community Support Program services or inpatient services.

Recovery is a word used by some people living with mental illness or addiction. You might choose another word, but the key is learning what works best in your life. In the past, many living with addiction or mental illness have not felt in charge of their treatment. CCS is designed to include you as an equal partner in identifying and working towards goals you set for yourself. CCS can pay for providers to help consumers accomplish certain goals.

The mission of the NCR-CCS Program is to promote and encourage the wellbeing, safety, independence and self-sufficiency of individuals and families through provision of supportive services. Some of those services may include:

  • Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Health Monitoring
  • Peer Support
  • Individual Skill Enhancement/Development
  • Employment Related Skill Training
  • Individual/Family Psychoeducation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Nontraditional Prior Approved Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Wellness Management and Recovery

NCR-CCS Brochure
NCR-CCS Youth Brochure

For additional information or to schedule an intake appointment, please contact:
Hailey Sands, BA, BS, CCS Service Facilitator
(715) 638-3451 

Alicia D. Carlson MS, LPC, NCC, CSAC, ICS, CCTP, IDP-AT
Behavioral Health Clinic Supervisor/CCS Service Director

Coordinated Services Team

The Coordinated Service Teams (CST) Initiative is a voluntary wrap around system of care that responds to children and families with multiple, often serious needs.

A priority is to serve children with severe emotional disturbance.

CST principles and values require that youth and family are at center and have ownership, access and voice in the CST process.

CST uses a prescribed team approach to teaming that addresses both the identified strengths and needs of youth and their families.

CST places emphasis on meeting identified needs through use of a coordinated network of effective services that reflect the developmental and cultural needs of the youth. And, allows for a flexible approach to services and builds meaningful partnerships with youth and families.

Realized CST family team outcomes center around improved functioning for youth and families throughout their life, including in the home, school and community settings.

CST Brochure

To find out more information or to schedule an intake appointment please contact:
Alison Carlson, CST Coordinator
(715) 638-3438

Children’s Long-Term Support Program
The Children's Long-Term Support Home and Community-Based Medicaid Waivers (CLTS Waivers) helps to support children who are living at home or in the community and who have substantial limitations in multiple daily activities. Such limitations include one or more of the following disabilities: developmental, severe emotional disturbances, and physical. Individual children assessments assist in determining funding support for different service ranges.

Wisconsin has three separate CLTS Waivers, one for each disability category: developmental, severe emotional, and physical. Some children will qualify for more than one waiver, in which case the family and their service coordinator will determine which waiver is the most appropriate source of funding for their specific child.

CLTS Brochure
Deciding Together Resource
Medicaid Children's Services Program

To find out more information or to schedule an intake appointment, please contact either of the following Service and Support Coordinators:

Terri Brown
(715) 638-3323

Ruth Anne Gillmor
(715) 638-3309

Billing Information:

  • Private insurance
  • Medical Assistance/Medicare
  • Sliding Fee Scale available for Sawyer County residents – proof of income needed