Fees & Application Procedures


Based on the Fee Schedule Dated January 1, 2020
Conditional Use   $350.00
Conditional Use Renewal   $300.00
Refilling Fee ( If application to be republished)   $300.00

Application Procedures

The conditional use requested must be listed as 1 of the Uses Authorized by Conditional Use in the zone district of the property under consideration. The property owner then obtains and completes the Conditional Use Application. The completed and signed application, together with the appropriate application fee, must be in the Zoning Office by the deadlines established in the Sawyer County Zoning Committee Public Hearing Schedule.

The Zoning Office staff then performs various administrative activities (i.e., title search of the applicant's property, research of property owners within three hundred (300) feet of the applicant's property, public hearing notice sent to the applicant, application sent to the respective Town Clerk, opinion letters mailed to property owners within 300 feet of the applicant's property and the application will be advertised twice in the local newspaper). The respective Town Board will then meet and make a recommendation to the Sawyer County Zoning Committee concerning the application.

The Sawyer County Zoning Committee then conducts a public hearing in accordance with the Zoning Committee Rules and By-Laws and will either deny the application, approve the application as submitted or approve the application with "conditions" established by the Committee. If the application is approved, the applicant may, with the payment of the appropriate permit fee, obtain a Conditional Use Permit from the Zoning Office. The entire application process from the submission of the completed application on the application deadline date to the scheduled meeting of the Zoning Committee requires approximately 44 days.