Special Use

6.9 Special Use Application

6.91 General

Land uses listed as permitted by a special use application are allowed only after review, consideration, and approval of the Town Board and the Zoning Administrator. This category recognizes that land uses vary in their degree of impact on both community and resources. Special uses are considered less critical than conditional uses, but of such importance that they shall be subject to review by the Town Board and the Zoning Administrator.

6.92 Application

Application for a special use shall be made to the Zoning Administration office and will then be forward to the Town Board for their review and approval. Upon approval by the Town Board, the application shall be submitted to the Zoning Administrator. In addition to the information required under Section 9.2, Land Use Permit, the Zoning Administrator may require the applicant to submit other pertinent data and information necessary to properly evaluate the request, including a construction material list.

6.93 Review

Special use applications will not require a Public Hearing subject to Section 13.0. However, if during its review, the Zoning Administrator in their discretion finds a proposed special use to be of significant concern, it may be upgraded to conditional use status and subject to those review processes and public hearing.

6.94 Conditions

The Zoning Administrator may attach any special provisions or condition to a special use application deemed necessary to further the goals and objectives of this ordinance. The Zoning Administrator shall be guided by those factors listed in Section 8.0 of this ordinance.

6.95 Approval & Permits

Upon review and approval of a special use application by the Zoning Administrator, the property owner shall obtain a land use permit for such use in accordance with the requirements of Section 9.2.