Recording Requirements

 Standard Document Format Requirements

Sawyer County Register of Deeds

10610 Main Street, Suite 19

Hayward, WI  54843




Wisconsin Recording Requirements State Statute 59.43 

  • There must be a 3” X 3” blank space in the upper right had corner of the 1st page.
  • The document must have a title.
  • Pages must be legible and reproducible.   Everything must be clear, large and dense enough to be clear copies when duplicated.
  • Grantor, grantee must be plainly identified.   Names of all persons signing in any capacity (including notary) must be typed or clearly printed below their signatures.
  • Signatures must be notarized. Notary public must sign, date and seal and show the names of the persons who come before him/her.   706.05(2)(b)
  • The legal description must be complete and accurate.  Certified surveys must have a lot number (if any), document number, CSM number, volume and page.  236.34(3)
  • 12 digit legacy parcel number must be on the document. (example: 010-941-29-4402)
  • A complete return address is required.
  • The name of the drafter must be the name of an individual. 
  • Wisconsin Department of Revenue requires an electronic transfer receipt.


Downloadable real estate forms

Real estate transfer return (eRETR)