Recording Requirements

Is your Document Ready for Recording?

  • There must be a blank 3 inch by 3 inch square in the upper right corner of the 1st page of the document.
  • Pages must be legible and reproducible with the ink black and crisp.
  • Grantee, grantor, etc., must be plainly identified. Names of all persons signing in ANY capacity (including notary) must be typed or clearly printed below their signatures.
  • The legal description must be complete and accurate. Certified Surveys must have lot number (if any), CSM number, volume and page.
  • Parcel Identification Number (12-digit) must appear on document.
  • Signatures must be notarized. Notary public must date, sign, seal and show the names of the persons who came before him/her.
  • A complete return address is required.
  • The name of the drafter must be present and must be the name of an individual.
  • Deeds and land contracts require a Receipt for electronic Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Tax Return filing. Check with Register of Deeds for other documents which may require this form.

Submitting Your Document

We will review your documents for these items, but the ultimate responsibility for a complete and correct document is yours. Please do not staple your document(s). Use a paper clip only!

The recording fee is $30 per document; this is a flat fee, regardless of the number of pages.