Trees & Shrubs

Common Name
Scientific Name
Suitable Sites
American Mountain Ash Sorbus americana Deciduous 15-30 feet Cool, Moist and Shaded Sites
American Plum Prunus americana Deciduous 10-15 feet Moist, Sunny Areas along Woodlands or Fields
Balsam Fir Abies balsamea Conifer 50-75 feet Moist Soils, Shaded Forests
Balsam Poplar Populus balsamifera Conifer 50-70 feet Moist Soils, Sunny Locations in Valleys
Basswood Tilia americana Deciduous 40-70 feet Moist Soils, Shade Tolerant and Fast Growing
Big-Tooth Aspen Populus tremuloides Deciduous 40-70 feet Wet or Dry Locations with Sandy to Rocky Soils
Black Cherry Prunus sertonia Deciduous 50-75 feet Wide Variety of Soils, Often Mixed with Hardwoods
Black Spruce Picea mariana Conifer 25-50 feet Wet or Poorly Drained Soils, Often near Tamarack
Canada Plum Prunus nigra Deciduous 15-20 feet Rich, Moist Soils, Especially in River Valleys
Chokecherry Prunus virginiana Deciduous 15-35 feet Wide Variety of Soils, Often along Woodlands
Downy Serviceberry Amelanchier arborea Deciduous 10-20 feet Dry, Sunny Areas, Along Forest Edges
Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Conifer 40-60 feet Wet, Shaded and Cool Sites
Hackberry Celtis occidentalis Deciduous 40-60 feet Wide Variety of Soils, Fruit is Favorite of Birds
Ironwood Ostrya virginiana Deciduous 20-40 feet Dry Soils, Shade Tolerant, Forest Understory
Jack Pine Pinus banksiana Conifer 30-60 feet Dry, Sandy or Rocky Soils, Sun
Muscle Wood Carpinus caroliniana Deciduous 15-25 feet Rich, Moist Soils
Nannyberry Viburnum lentago Deciduous 10-20 feet Wide Variety of Soils, Along Forest Edges
Pagoda Dogwood Cornus alternifolia Deciduous 25-35 feet Well-Drained Soils, Shaded Forest Edges
Paper Birch Betula papyrifera Deciduous 40-60 feet Moist Upland Locations
Pin Cherry Prunus pensylvanica Deciduous 10-30 feet Dry Soils, Open Fields or Woodlands
Pussy Willow Salix discolor Deciduous 10-20 feet Wet Areas along Shores and Wetlands
Red Maple Acer rubrum Deciduous 40-60 feet Wet to Moist Soils, Especially along Swamps
Red Oak Quercus rubra Deciduous 50-70 feet Moist or Dry Soils
Red Pine Pinus resinosa Conifer 40-80 feet Dry, Sandy Soils with Sun
Roundleaf Serviceberry Amelanchier sanguinea Deciduous 10-20 feet Wide Variety of Soils, Sunny Locations along Fields
Speckled Alder Alnus rugosa Deciduous 15-25 feet Wet Soils along Lakes, Rivers and Marshes
Sugar Maple Acer saccharum Deciduous 50-70 feet Rich, Moist Soils
Tamarack Larix Laricina Conifer 40-70 feet Wet Soils and Occasionally Upland, Drops needles
White Cedar Thuja occidentalis Conifer 40-60 feet Moist or Wet Soils
White Oak Quercus alba Deciduous 50-75 feet Variety of Soils, Important Wildlife Food Source
White Pine Pinus strobus Conifer 70-100 feet Wide Variety of Soils in Upland Sites
White Spruce Picea glauca Conifer 40-60 feet Variety of Soils, Often along Lakes and Streams
Yellow Birch Betula alleghaniensis Deciduous 50-70 feet Rich, Moist to Wet Locations