Departments A - G


  1. Administration

    Get information from the Administration Department.

  2. Airport

    Get information about Sawyer County's Airport.

  3. Ambulance

    Learn about the Ambulance service available in Sawyer County.

  4. Animal Control

    The Sawyer County Animal Control/Humane Officer responds to animal related complaints throughout Sawyer County.

  5. Child Support

    The Sawyer County Child Support Agency is the local agency designated to administer the child support enforcement program, which is a county effort in conjunction with the state and federal government to collect child support from noncustodial parents.

  6. Circuit Court

    Find information from the Circuit Court.

  7. Coroner

    It is the Mission of the Sawyer County Coroner’s Office to provide timely and accurate investigation and documentation of all sudden and unusual deaths that occur within Sawyer County.

  8. Corporate Counsel

    Contact the Corporation Counsel of Sawyer County.

  9. County Clerk

    The office of the County Clerk handles licenses, records, permitting, and many other municipal responsibilities.

  10. District Attorney

    Get information about the District Attorney of Sawyer County.

  11. Emergency Management

    Get information about the Emergency Management Department of Sawyer County.

  12. Forestry

    Find information from the Forestry Department.