Lake Classification Development Standards

On April 15, 1997 the Sawyer County Board of Supervisors adopted development standards for the County's lakes, rivers and streams. The lakes, rivers and streams were categorized into four different classifications depending on a number of different criteria (e.g., water surface area, water depth, miles of shoreline, percent of private shoreline etc.) which resulted in a vulnerability score and a classification for each water body. The classifications are:
  • Classification 1 (General Development) - lakes that are the most developed (20 lakes).
  • Classification 2 (Recreational Development) - lakes with moderate development (64 lakes).
  • Classification 3 (Natural Development) - lakes that are the least developed (128 lakes).
  • Rivers and Streams - same development standards as for Classification Two (Recreational Development) lakes.
75 feet setback from navigable water for all structures in all classifications. Note: Any exceptions to minimum setback requirements are contained within the shoreland zoning ordinance.